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Quilted paintings... why not?

At some point this summer, I started playing with watercolors. I'm not sure why other than my inability to focus on one medium. I truly love working on paper and wanted to experiment more with people paintings. I think watercolor gives you such a range of tone. These are the drawings I began to create:

The drawings really became about skin tone, commonality, mosaic and tapestry in my mind and I liked them a lot but wanted to keep pushing the idea. Around that time, I re-kindled my love of Gee's Bend quilts! Learn more here. The Gee's Bend quilters (from Gee's Bend, Alabama) are descendants of slaves. I've always loved and appreciated the quilts they created and consider them modern art. Shout out to the amazing Marie Cochran for teaching me about them.

Mary Lee Bendolph, 2002

I started to wonder what would happen if I created paper quilts with my watercolor people/skintones and am now exploring that idea more fully. Sharing a couple I've created so far but plan to make more as I work out new and different ideas.

Would love to know your thoughts! Drop me a line on the gram or in my inbox.


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