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100 day madness!

On September 1, I began the 100 day project. I think I started the project because I needed something new to work on and I wanted to become disciplined at working every day. Today is Day 44 and I have not missed a day yet.

My guideline has been to paint or draw a statistic each day for 100 days and to post it on Instagram. I've learned so much since beginning and I've been able to cover several amazingly relevant stats and topics as the time we live in unfolds. My favorite thing about the project is the way people react to the statistics and paintings. I love when I get requests for certain topics that are meaningful to people. One woman reached out to me because one of the paintings made her cry.

Here are a few social issue stats I've covered so far..

- 1 in 4 children in America have experienced hunger

- police killed 1,099 people in 2019 in America

- historically, the US supreme court justices have included 107 white males, 2 black males, and 4 women

- 30% of LGB youth have attempted suicide

- 40% of Americans cannot recall any of the freedoms protected in the 1st amendment

And then there have been lighter moments..

- 10% of the world is left handed (I painted that one left handed)

- 71% of people believe in love at first sight

- kissing your spouse every morning leads to a longer lifespan

- I even celebrated boobs on National No Bra day

Excited I've made it this far... I can't wait to see what the remaining days bring!!


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